by Leadsucker

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In the mid-2000s, P.J. Hearn got a job working for a government agency. After becoming aware of some questionable activity involving several of his co-workers, Hearn ignored pleas to "let it go" and brought his concerns to the attention of his supervisor.

But the only person to face punishment was Hearn himself, who became the target of retaliatory attacks and smear campaigns for his whistleblowing. Eventually, Hearn quit his job, enlisted the help of two friends, and started Leadsucker as a way to channel his rage.

"Burn" is the band's debut album, and it's evident from the outset just what they're trying to accomplish. More than an album, it's an outright indictment of American government and ideals that never once allows the listener to catch their breath. Unrelenting and confrontational, "Burn" returns hardcore punk to its roots with polarizing lyrics and an aggressive delivery that will resonate with you long after the final note fades away.


released August 28, 2013

Music and lyrics: Leadsucker
Mixed and mastered by: Ryan J. Gauntz (MyPixo Studios)
Produced by: Aaron Tom and Leadsucker
Released by: Toxic Highway Recordings
Special thanks: Stefan Jatcko, Emily Tom, Constantine Vasillakis




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Toxic Highway Recordings Columbus, Ohio

Toxic Highway Recordings is an independent label mainly used as a means to release founder Aaron Tom's varied musical endeavors, which cover a wide gap between hardcore punk, acoustic pop, soundtrack, and many things in between.

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Track Name: America Doesn't Give a Fuck About You
"The Land of Opportunity?
This is the land where dreams go to die
It's the home of the controlled
And the land of the gutless."
Track Name: What Rights?
"We're all created equal, unless you're a fag, a nigger
A foreigner, a Jew, or you have tits."
Track Name: Every Child Left Behind
"Drop out of school and read some books
Save your mind and keep it open.
For what you lose is far more
Than what you gain."
Track Name: No Quarter for Wild Beasts
"Wonder what happens when you 'Stand Your Ground'
Against an army of pigs?"
Track Name: No Intelligence
"The more she assures us 'the system worked',
The more we know it's a complete wreck."
Track Name: State of No Cure
"They say you can't put a price on life
They beg to differ, and they've got one on yours."
Track Name: ThinThread
"Our laws are elastic,
Stretching to meet government demand.
Our slave-fucking forefathers must be
Rolling around in their graves."
Track Name: The Color of Justice is White
"It's the beautiful white corpses that get all the attention."
Track Name: Gross Incompetence
"Good riddance cunt, you accomplished nothing."
Track Name: Cardinal Sin
"'Do not judge or you too will be judged,' says the priest.
Then he tells a fag to fuck off.
Says there's no room in the Lord's House for a sinner,
As he masturbates a 12-year-old child."
Track Name: Vitriolage
"If you can't look yourself in the eye
And deny that it's happening,
How can you convince anyone else?"
Track Name: The Dangers of Questioning Government Actions
"The Black Curtain stays closed so no one can see through
What is there to fear if there's nothing to hide?"
Track Name: Never-Ending Cycle
"NRA cries foul,
Claims they're trying to repeal the second amendment.
Get their narrow-minded servants to follow, pawns to a hidden agenda."
Track Name: Armchair Journalism
"The truth is redacted to remove the points."
Track Name: Disposition Matrix
"Protected by Executive Order,
Murder for which no one will pay."
Track Name: Obituary for the American Dream
"You think this is still capitalism?
This is what happens when capitalism fails."
Track Name: Two Cents Too Many
"I know you like to swallow, but you always choke on the truth."
Track Name: Haute Culture
"She wants to be buried with her jewels.
At least this way the casket will have something of value in it."
Track Name: One Minus One
"I hope you feel safer, 'cause you're not."
Track Name: An Eye for a Tooth
"Rick Perry should be tried for murder,
For flipping the switch even when he knows it's wrong."
Track Name: Seed of Evil
"This isn't business this is war
It's blood money, taking lives for profit."
Track Name: Survivor Guilt
"Must be tough sending others off to die.
And all you gotta do is put on a sad face when the caskets
Come back by the truckload."
Track Name: Imaginary Men
"Stars are unanswered prayers,
Infinite and unending."
Track Name: Piss-Ant
"You're like a toothless dog, all bark and no bite
Tail never wags, but it's the biggest thing between your legs."
Track Name: Your Vote Doesn't Mean Shit
"Candidates are just puppets on a string, scapegoats,
Human faces for the destruction of America."
Track Name: Gag Reflex
"If it tastes like shit, it probably is."
Track Name: C57BL/6
"They're shoving shit down our throat that dogs won't eat, then feigning shock that disease is on the rise."